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Hey everyone, 

Welcome back to It's My Favorite. There's a lot of goodness on deck for this month, includng the latest adventures of John Wick, some talk about Tom Hardy's new FX Drama and a check-in on Will Forte's Fox comed Last Man on Earth. Plus, a look at what we were anticipating last month and a glimpse at what's coming our way in March! 

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Hey everyone! Welcome to the latest Scoop Du Jour episode! 

Full disclosure: We recorded this episode one week ago on Inauguration Day. We had no idea that things would get a lot worse in the week to come. So I worry that even some of our worries are outdated by now. Regardless, it feels right to get this piece up here, in which Matt, Beth and I wrestle with our new president and try to find ways to stay positive and make change in the coming 12 months. It's a bit more subdued, but we felt it was important to have this discussion. In the interest of time and because I feel like every awkward pause or stumble over the words captures just how confused we all are right now, I didn't do a ton of editing. 

So, a bit of a heavier episode. But have no fear: we'll be back in February with "It's My Favorite," both a classic flavor and a more upbeat Scoop Du Jour! 

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Hey everyone! 


Welcome back. We kick off 2017 with a fun, jam-packed episode. After catching up on our holiday adventures, we spend some time talking TV, graphic novels and more things that we're loving right now. Then, we look forward to the coming month and some of the things we're paying attention to. 

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We'll be back in one week with our monthly Scoop Du Jour episode, where we talk the inauguration and staying positive in 2017. 


Goodbye 2016!


Hello everyone and welcome to the last episode of 2016! 

This is jam-packed with goodness, so I'll keep it short. Chris, Beth and Matt share their favorite TV shows, movies and pop culture items from 2016 and look forward to the upcoming year. They also chat a bit about what they've caught up on since the last podcast. 

We'll be back next month with two new episodes. 

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Happy new year! 


Hey everyone, we're back! 

It's been a long wait (again), but we promise it's worth it! A few weeks ago, Beth, Matt and Chris sat down to talk about their favorite Christmas traditions and memories. Want to learn our thoughts on trees? Our favorite gifts? When we learned there was no Santa Claus? then you don't want to miss this! 

And we're not done with 2016 yet! Before the end of the year we'll be back with our end-of-the-year special! 




Hey everyone! 

If you missed the announcement on the last episode, we're no longer doing our monthly movie club edition. HOWEVER -- we're now spinning our "Scoop Du Jour" feature off into its own separate episode to give us more time to talk about current events, holidays, politics, personal thoughts...whatever we want! 

It seemed only right to kick things off with a SPOOK Du Jour to talk all things Halloween. . . . 

. . . It gets weird fast. 


Hey everyone -- 

Great big super-length episode this month, and it's one of my favorites! So, we won't waste much time here. But you'll hear us talk A LOT about TV -- and it gets heated at one point. Lots to enjoy here, and you better do it quickly...our Halloween SPOOK du jour hits on Friday! 

We're back again. And there's so much good stuff this month, that we're foregoing show notes! Just know that we talk the new movie "The Lobster" and the CW show "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend." We also have a long talk about public confrontations and talk a bit about our anticipation of the fall movie season. 

We'll be back on in October with a regular episode and (finally) our movie club about the "Alien" franchise! See you then! 

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been so long! But we're back with a big, action-packed new episode after two months, so we'll just cut the chit-chat and get into it! Enjoy! 


Hey everyone! 

Here's the latest movie club edition of "It's My Favorite!" Summer's just started and baseball is well underway, so we thought it would be a great time to talk about our favorite baseball movies! Hear us talk about some beloved classics, like "The Sandlot" and "A League of Their Own," as well as an unheralded classic  fine film "Mr. Baseball!"

We'll be back in July with an episode of "It's My Favorite" and another movie club. In honor of the 30th anniversary of James Cameron's "Aliens," we'll be looking at the entire "Alien" saga! 

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