Matt December is a writer and editor in the Detroit area. He met "It's my Favorite" co-host Beth Golpe in high school and they have been friends ever since. After graduating from Western Michigan University in 2005, Matt spent  seven years as a reporter with the Advisor and Source Newspapers in Shelby Township, Michigan, which is where he met “It’s My Favorite” co-host Chris Williams. Since 2013, he’s been involved with marketing and editing for U.S. Army organizations in Michigan and Alabama. He enjoys movies, TV, books, video games, board games, sports (playing and watching) and on and on. He lives in Sterling Heights, Michigan, with his cat, Sam.

Beth Golpe is a finance manager who currently works for a major health system in the Detroit area. She has been friends with “It’s My Favorite” co-host Matt December since high school, where they met while performing theater. She graduated from the college of business at Western Michigan University in 2006 and has lived in Chicago and Milwaukee before returning to Michigan, where she met “It’s My Favorite” co-host Chris Williams through Matt.  She enjoys brunch, traveling, movies, TV, board games, politics, and all things pop culture. She lives in Washington, Michigan, with her husband and their beloved dog and cat.  She is also expecting her first child at the end of May.

Chris Williams is a writer, editor and film critic in the Detroit area. For nearly four years, he was a reporter with the Advisor and Source Newspapers in Shelby Township, Michigan, which is where he also met “It’s My Favorite” co-host Matt December. Since 2009, he’s been involved with marketing and editing for a variety of clients, and currently works for a major university in Detroit. He still writes film reviews part time for the Source and has been a member of the Detroit Film Critics Society since its inception in 2007. He loves movies, TV, books and theology. His favorite films include “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “The Muppet Movie,” “Almost Famous,” “Rear Window” and “WALL-E.” He lives in Livonia, Michigan, with his wife, Kelly, and his son, Mickey. His reviews can be found at and he can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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