Hey everyone! Welcome to the latest Scoop Du Jour episode! 

Full disclosure: We recorded this episode one week ago on Inauguration Day. We had no idea that things would get a lot worse in the week to come. So I worry that even some of our worries are outdated by now. Regardless, it feels right to get this piece up here, in which Matt, Beth and I wrestle with our new president and try to find ways to stay positive and make change in the coming 12 months. It's a bit more subdued, but we felt it was important to have this discussion. In the interest of time and because I feel like every awkward pause or stumble over the words captures just how confused we all are right now, I didn't do a ton of editing. 

So, a bit of a heavier episode. But have no fear: we'll be back in February with "It's My Favorite," both a classic flavor and a more upbeat Scoop Du Jour! 

In the meantime, visit us at our Facebook page! We'll see you next month! 


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