It's a boys' club once again, as Chris and Matt headline this Scoop Du Jour. They reminisce about their newspaper days, telling stories from their times in the office. Also, Chris talks like Elmo and there's singing. 


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It's July 2017 and the gang's all here! Chris, Matt and (via phone) Beth talk their favorite things. It's a lengthy episode, so we'll get right to it. But if you want to hear about Dunkirk, Spider-Man Homecoming, or the comic book adventures of the modern stone age family, you're in the right place! 


Come back in two weeks for a special Chris/Matt look back at tales from their days in the newsroom! 


So, because of some wonky recording and posting schedules, you're actually getting a second podcast episode in June, but it's the only one we recorded this month. That's what happens when Beth's not there to keep us in line! While she's out enjoying her new baby, Chris and Matt are left to their own devices, which means a sprawling discussion of T-ball, cable TV, Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Wet Hot American Summer, and more. 


We'll be back on the normal schedule in July! 


Hey everyone! Welcome to the latest episode of "It's My Favorite." For our monthly Scoop du Jour episode, we're talking all things summer -- favorite movies, perfect summer nights and summer camp memories. We'll be back shortly with a new episode! 


After a long absence, we're back! And we're starting off the summer with a special, super-sized episode. Instead of our usual three picks, Chris, Matt and Beth discuss EVERYTHING they've been consuming over the past few months. Catch up on thoughts on the newest Alien, Fast/Furious and Guardians of the Galaxy films! Learn what TV you're missing! And come back soon for the special Scoop Du Jour summertime spectacular! 


Hey all -- 


Welcome to the latest Scoop Du Jour episode of "It's My Favorite." I know I say this a lot, but I mean it: this might be the most fun we've had recording an episode. Pulling out our hat of questions, Matt, Beth and Chris answer questions about some of their favorite things -- pop culture and beyond. It's a lot of fun! 

Be sure to check our our Facebook page and we'll see you in April! 


Hey everyone! 


Told you we'd be back with a new one shortly! Welcome to the March 2017 epsiode, and there's a lot of fun stuff on deck. Give it a listen, check our our Facebook page, and then tune in to our Scoop Du Jour in about two weeks, where we tackle some more of our favorite things! 




Hey everyone, 


Sorry for the late addition of this Scoop Du Jour, which was originally supposed to go live in February. Sorry; time got away from me! But the good news is, Matt, Beth and I are set to record TWO new episodes this weekend, which means you'll still get two more episodes in March! 


This is our monthly Scoop Du Jour, and it's a fun one. We decided to just pose some questions to each other and see what answers we got. Hope you love it! 


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Hey everyone, 

Welcome back to It's My Favorite. There's a lot of goodness on deck for this month, includng the latest adventures of John Wick, some talk about Tom Hardy's new FX Drama and a check-in on Will Forte's Fox comed Last Man on Earth. Plus, a look at what we were anticipating last month and a glimpse at what's coming our way in March! 

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Hey everyone! Welcome to the latest Scoop Du Jour episode! 

Full disclosure: We recorded this episode one week ago on Inauguration Day. We had no idea that things would get a lot worse in the week to come. So I worry that even some of our worries are outdated by now. Regardless, it feels right to get this piece up here, in which Matt, Beth and I wrestle with our new president and try to find ways to stay positive and make change in the coming 12 months. It's a bit more subdued, but we felt it was important to have this discussion. In the interest of time and because I feel like every awkward pause or stumble over the words captures just how confused we all are right now, I didn't do a ton of editing. 

So, a bit of a heavier episode. But have no fear: we'll be back in February with "It's My Favorite," both a classic flavor and a more upbeat Scoop Du Jour! 

In the meantime, visit us at our Facebook page! We'll see you next month! 


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